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our tele-stream solution allows real time guidance and support to and from clinicians globally, without being onsite

our solution

unlimited access to procedures

improve patient safety

improve product performance

empower confidence in clinicians

tegus orca

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we’ll set up the camera system (ORCA) at your location and onboard your team on how to use it

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when you're ready to use the camera system (ORCA), simply turn it ON, connect the internet cable and you're all set!

HD camera with pan/tilt functions

zoom magnification up to 60x

save camera position for different angled shots and view them anytime during a session

audio + video stream for proctor

portability for ease of movement in the facility

live chat participation

web-based platform so no need to download an app

intuitive platform so minimal training is required for usage

automatic software/security updates

always on, always available.
no setup required

how it works

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schedule secure sessions and invite participants to join

invite participants from anywhere in the world. streams are secure, encrypted and temporary, adhering to local privacy policies

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join and view from anywhere in the world

participants can join and view sessions from their laptop or computer and ask questions via live chat

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capture video and audio from the cath lab

camera can pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees. the device is portable and camera rig can be extended to provide a complete unrestricted view. the wireless headset provides 2 way audio communication