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Our world is changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to huge change in how health services are delivered and used. Digital systems and information help health care professionals improve efficiency and make care safer.

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The Tegus Platform consists of an easy to use, intuitive remote proctoring (tele-mentor) system, that can be easily placed in the Angiography Suite or Operating Room without the need for costly installation work.

The system allows sharing of skills by more experienced Clinical peers during the introduction of new techniques and procedures to the relevant treatment area.  This helps ensure patient safety during an intervention and assists in the delivery of consistent care and reproducible outcomes.

Streaming architecture
Low latency streaming technology developed with physicians from the University Hospital of Hamburg, UKE.

Tegus flow chart

The Tegus system enables a very simple, secure and stable system for interaction between the Remote expert (tele-mentor/proctor) and the treating Physician performing the intervention in a Clinical Area, anytime, anywhere.The high Quality camera is controlled by the remote expert, providing a 360° view of the angio suite/cath lab and audio communication in real time, allowing efficient & effective support and education. 

The system has very low latency, is encrypted and the high definition camera allows up to 5 pre-set views. Proctor and Treating Physician are aligned during the procedure with imaging, together with audio communication to ensure patient safety. In addition, the low bandwidth required allows most Centres to support the Tegus system.

“From a learning prospective, it is perfect as I can hear the complete conversation between the proctor and the treating physician and cam see what the proctor is looking at, and I don't have to interrupt anyone, or disturb the procedure, and I can do ti from home.” 

Interventional fellow

“The quality was incredible (you could see the lines on the syringe!!). It felt like being in the room, perfect solution during COVID:” 

Company representative

Tegus for you

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Web platform (low latency - high quality image - simple)
The TEGUS system was specifically developed to provide support during endovascular interventions. 

Tegus video stream view

Access to the platform is password secured and data transfer is encrypted. 

After logging into the platform, the proctor is able to navigate the camera inside the operating theatre / cath lab and zoom into any spot, e.g. the hands of the operator, the imaging screens or the set-up table.

The focus and brightness are controlled automatically to facilitate ease of use for the proctor, however additional function buttons to mute audio and manually adjust the focus and brightness are also provided. 

A “preset” function is also provided to enable quick movement between views. 

“I could even see more of the screen and the treating physician’s hands via the Tegus platform than I would have if I was physically present. The video and audio quality is far superior to any other remote platform I have experienced." 

Interventional Neuroradiologist

“The Tegus system is excellent and works very well. Lends itself perfectly to these sorts of cases.” 

Interventional Radiologist

For proctors

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Mobile app
The TEGUS app enables fast and simple session scheduling, allowing you to invite your colleagues for support easily from your mobile phone, even for an emergency case. 

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Tegus medical mobile app

“I feel very secure treating a complicated case with the remote proctor giving me support via Tegus platform. Recently, I did a difficult case where I decided not to have it proctored, and I really feel that with the ease of scheduling a case on the Tegus platform to would have been superior. I will not hesitate again to arrange a proctor via the Tegus platform.” 

Interventional Neuroradiologist

“The audio quality as a treating physician is incredible. You feel that the proctor is with you on the room, completely in step with the procedure.” 

Interventional Radiologist

For physicians

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