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we provide digital access to any OR or cathlab in the world

easy, fast & secure streaming
80+ systems installed globally

tegus simplifies real-time remote case-support and training

remote expert

anytime, anywhere, from the simplicity of your computer


always connected to your peers via the tegus camera system

tegus provides limitless possibilities for collaboration between clinicians, medical device companies and hospitals to improve patient safety and outcomes

the truly virtual streaming technology.
meet tegus.

01 characteristics
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simplicity at all levels

plug-and-play remote streaming technology enabling 24/7 remote assistance. no on-site set-up required

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truly remote

no need for client staff to support approval, installation or usage

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cost effective

subscription model enables 24/7 access without hidden costs, only pay for what you use

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product adoption

accelerate product adaptation by eliminating logistical barriers

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easy to assemble, portability, applicable in emergency situations

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02 products
camera system

camera system

tegus web platform preview

web platform

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mobile app

24/7 remote
product support

04 key benefits
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patient outcomes

anytime proctoring by a physician or company representative globally. Optimization and customization of procedural support

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device performance

improved access to real-life training opportunities. anytime viewing of procedures globally, i.e. for R&D, product review, snr. Management observation etc

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cost reduction

eliminates logistical barriers, hidden costs, and optimises internal resources required for case support

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timeline / speed

enables scale-up with confidence and control without capital outlay or maintenance requirements

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carbon footprint

reduced carbon footprint associated with case support

tegus technology was created for you

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you'll get
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assistance from an experienced peer or clinical support representative

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anytime, no matter where they are in the world

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you'll get
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simple to use platform

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provide proctoring assistance globally from the click of your computer, without traveling

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you'll get
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secure platform without expensive infrastructure implementation

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reduce foot traffic in your operating theatres

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medical company

you'll get
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improvement on your product development pathway

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accelerated new product adoption