Imagine a world
where patient safety
is not limited
to location

Tegus Family

We provide technology
designed for fast
and easy access
to interventional
expertise, securely.

Tegus allows a physician to perform a medical procedure with the assistance of a more experienced physician "Proctor" or company support representative, without being in the same operating suite during the procedure.

Help us improve

status quo

Experienced physician "Proctor"
travels to where the treating
physician is located.

  • • Not applicable in emergency procedures
  • • Limited scalability
  • • High Cost
  • • Inefficient with high risk of cancelled procedures
  • • High CO2 emissions

What if... had a camera in your operating room, that could be linked to any physician, anytime, anywhere, allowing live, real-time advice and support, in a safe and secure way?

Tegus Streaming

Tailored to the needs of the physicians

Remote Proctor

Tegus platform enables the proctor to support medical procedures and training sessions worldwide - anytime, anywhere - from a laptop.

Angiographie Suite

Tegus mobile rig setup, 24/7 physicians/engineer support for device users.



A proctor can do multiple sessions in a single day, in different locations.

Environmentally Efficient

Reducing travel for physicians and proctors will help reduce the carbon footprint.


If a proctor is unavailable, an alternative proctor can quickly dial in.


Highly qualified physicians providing support all over the world to drive the overall increase in expertise and thereby improving patient safety.

Emergency Procedures

Having the ability to link to an experienced physician, anywhere in the world.

Cost Reduction

Travel costs and inefficiencies are eliminated.

Enabling procedural
support to multiple
physicians globally

Communications platform specially
developed for remote medical training
and proctoring.


The Tegus system enables a very simple, secure and stable interaction between the tele-mentor (proctor) and the physician performing the intervention on-site, anytime, anywhere.

The “Tegus Rig” is located in a hospital operating suite, and the “proctor” can be located anywhere in the world, in front of his/her computer.

The Tegus Streaming Architecture connects this proctor to your Tegus Rig by way of a secure, encrypted cloud streaming platform.
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